Breed : Tigercub

Current Age : 15 Weeks 2days Old

Registered : Yes

Good with children : Yes

Sex : Female

Stock Code : 0891

Nutritional Manual : Included

Health Certificate : Included

Registration Documents : Included


Toby. He comes from an exceptional and caring amazing UAE-based lady breeder. The breeder insisted to keep the Tiger cubs with their mom as long as possible to ensure immunity and comfort to the Tiger cubs. This is probably the last litter the breeder has had, as it is quite expensive to breed tiger cubs if done ethically and correctly.

So do not miss this opportunity to buy locally bred Tiger cubs healthy, younger and at lower price than imported Tiger cubs. Toby has been vet checked, vaccinated and microchipped, vet report and pet passport are available with every tiger cub. Meet Toby at our store location, or contact us if you need any further info.

Tiger cub, a rare breed, is considered hypoallergenic, which means that this breed may cause less allergies than other breeds. However, if you have strong allergies towards tiger cubs or pets in general, we, Best Kitten Garden, advise against all cattery breeds based on our experience, unless you are willing to live with antihistamines in your drawer. Tiger cubs are among the most intelligent of all cattery fmaily and have unique characteristics for solving tasks and surprising their owners with their intellectual abilities. They are also a hardy breed, energetic and strong built, known to be skilled jumpers.

Please read breed information link for further info about our Tigercub kittens for sale

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