About Us

About Us

We have always been involved with cats and dogs and our parents bred the Siamese, British Shorthair and Scottish Fold in the UAE when we were growing up for a short time, we have been breeding cats for 11 years first the Beautiful Siamese then we purchased our first Siberian cat as a Pet and we just fell in love with the breeds so after our daughter got married we decided now was the time we were both in love with

we had lots to offer we were now empty nester’s and had the time ! so we started our breeding program and here we are today after 11 years and still loving our cats and kittens.

We have lots of time to spend with the kittens and cats loving them daily with me being retired and my husband semi retired.

Over the last 11 years of breeding we have brought the breed forward with Health, TICA Standards and beautiful loving registered kittens.

We love our cats on a daily basis

As internationally recognized and Approved Siberian, Scottish fold and British shorthair cats Breeder in UAE. We take great pride in our babies who bring so much joy , this joy is what we share with you Today.

We have also bred horses and trained Arabian horses , horses were also a big part of our lives growing up and when our children were younger. It’s hard to own just one!
We are always ready to hear from you.

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